Hello Saints of the Most High!

We had a blast this past weekend at Lake Paradise fellowshiping with many, many brethren from the Kansas City area and beyond. Below are links to videos of the worship on our FB page. Many brethren are sharing videos and pictures on Facebook. Feel free to drop some of those files on our Facebook page!
We have some more events coming up. Rabbi Bob will be in Saint Joseph July 1. Skip Moen will be presenting on his book The Guardian Angel August 18-19 at the WWI Museum. Please check our events page for details http://www.thewordandtheway.net/events/
We did receive enough in donations to cover the cost of the event. Thanks to everyone for their generosity. It helps us a lot to know we have the support to plan more events. Thanks to the other groups that came together to organize and also to all the wonderful brothers and sisters who helped with moving tables and other chores. Also thanks to those who donated food. Lastly, thanks to YHVH in the name of His blessed Son Yeshua for blessing our efforts and event.

Now for the videos!

Video 1

Video 2