The Beam in My Eye

February 16, 2019
Commentary on Matthew 7, the modern concept of tolerance, and righteous judging!

The rejection of authority and structure in our society and our assemblies is part of the breakdown of society and the apostasy of mankind.

Predestination and Free Will

February 2, 2019
Answering the age old question on whether salvation is based on free will or predestination while contrasting Calvinism and Catholicism.

Showing the chaos of Absalom trying to take over the kingdom from David as the cascading effect of the sins of David and Bathsheba.

Leaving Las Vegas

January 19, 2019
Leaving a sinful lifestyle through the foundation of a biblical marriage and how we long for our old friends to be able to join us on this walk.

Out of the Depths

January 5, 2019
Psalm 130 opens with David crying out to God from the depths of his extreme sin, seeking forgiveness and Redemption. How deep was his sin? And how exactly was he redeemed? Dig deeper into the life of David to find out.

Looking at scripture to sort out who or what the Holy Spirit is.

They Were Willing to Die

December 22, 2018
One part of the New Covenant is that for almost the first time in Biblical history, people were willing to die rather than sway away from the faith once delivered. This continues through the Reformation and is a sign of our faith.

Revival Revival Revival

December 15, 2018
A history of the cycles of revival in the early USA up until the time of the Civil War showing how many ideas in modern Christianity originated not so long ago.

One Like Moses

December 8, 2018
Showing how the Deuteronomy 18: 15-19 prophecy of raising up a prophet like Moses applies to Yeshua (Jesus) using a number of irrefutable scriptures.

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