If Yeshua is Yahweh then there is no resurrection of the dead and we are a people to be most pitied.
Explaining how Yeshua came in the Name of the Lord through the prophecies of Him in Psalm 22 and precisely how false teachers and false prophets break the third commandment.…

Holy and Profane

October 6, 2018
We need to understand our place in the kingdom, return to basics, use our talents to teach properly while calling out false teaching when it is required.

The Priest of On

September 30, 2018
The Sun god Obelisks: Tracing the use of sun god obelisks from Joseph through to modern day showing that the obelisks are still the mark of the Day of the…

The Song of David

September 22, 2018
Commentary on The Song of David, this week's Haftarah, 2 Samuel 22

The Formula for Salvation

September 19, 2018
A step by step guide to salvation based on the redemption afforded us on Yom Kippur through the blood of Messiah.

What is Sin?

September 15, 2018
Understanding what sin is, what it really means to repent, what it really means to afflict one's soul., and showing that the law was always for all people.

How Does this Make You Feel?

September 8, 2018
The Flood, the Tribulation, and the Last Trump

An Emotional Response

September 1, 2018
Our approach to the scriptures, our faith, and repentance needs to elicit an emotional response.
Explaining the feeding of the 5000, what fulfillment of the law really means, and that it is impossible to understand who Yeshua the Messiah is when starting in John 1.
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